Introducing HenriJib – a 6.5 metre camera crane system designed especially for lightweight cameras.

With a total reach of 6.5 metres and its fully mobile ATB (All Terrain Base). It can be used from one metre to full length. It can be used on a dolly, on dolly track or on its own ATB. The ATB is great in mud, soft sand, wet grass, use your imagination.

Please go and see the gallery for pictures of it in use.

As the jib was designed and built with lightweight cameras in mind, it is not intended for use with bigger film cameras. For bigger cameras, you should go to Chapman Leonard.

However, it will carry any camera with a maximum weight of 15kg on the remote head. This would cover any DSLR, or HDV camera. It was tested for the first time using a Nikon D7000, matt box and a HocusFocus wireless follow focus, it flew just fine with room to spare. It was used in the film INBRED directed by Alex Chandon using a RED 1.

Please feel free to contact me regarding any further information.

Remember the jib is intended for use with lightweight cameras, but it doesn't stop you getting pro shots at affordable costs.